The Taliban, An Afghani And Pakistani Terrorist Group Essay

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Briefing Note #2
Megan Wilton
Penn State Harrisburg The Taliban is an Afghani and Pakistani terrorist group. They are a large organization, with a religious base. I chose this group because I have read several stories and books involving the Taliban and their victims, also I have an interest in the Islamic culture, religion, and mind-set.
In this paper, the Taliban and their relation to religion, will be analyzed. It is important to study and understand different terror groups, especially the larger ones who have had significant impact. The study is important to be able to better understand and embrace counter-terrorism, as well as analyze the ideologies and mind-sets of extremist persons.
The Taliban consists of mostly Sunni Muslim Pashtuns, the largest Afghan ethnic group, historically. The Taliban occupied parts of central western Afghanistan through a significant amount of the south and eastern border (Afsar, 2008). The core of the group emerged from refugee camps consisting of Pashtun persons, mostly in Pakistan. It emerged from theological students, the Talibs (Afsar, 2008). They saw themselves as marching for peace. The Taliban seized control of Kandahar, southern Afghanistan, in 1994. The most important milestone in Taliban history was when Mullah Muhammad Omar wore the sacred cloak of Prophet Muhammad amongst a public gathering, where he declared himself the Leader of the Faith (Afsar, 2008). The event was where Omar claimed his right to lead all…

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