Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' The Striped Pajamas '

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Despite a heart-wrenching conclusion and convincing acting, the plot of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas never really picks up. The film, centered around 8 year old German boy shows the dangers of childhood ignorance and innocence. The boy, Bruno, his sister Gretel, and his mother, Elsa are moved by their Nazi father Ralf from Berlin to the countryside in Poland, only a small distance from a concentration camp. Unaware of the true horrors of the camp, Bruno, in spite of his mother’s wishes, goes exploring in the forest behind his new home and accidentally stumbles across the camp. He meets another eight year old boy named Shmuel who lives in the camp with his father. Bruno’s parents have sheltered him against the true purpose of the camp, which he believes for the longest time is a farm with strange farmers that all wear striped pajamas. Over a period of time, Bruno becomes friends with Shmuel, bringing him food and playing games with him. Bruno quickly finds out that Shmuel is Jewish, and becomes temporarily afraid, as his tutor Herr Liszt has made every effort to indoctrinate him and Gretel to adapt to Nazi ideals. One night at dinner, when Bruno’s grandfather is over, the manservant, Pavel, who is from the camp, knocks over Lieutenant Kotler’s (who is Ralf’s right hand man) wine, resulting in a brutal beating. Now without a servant, the household needs more help, and it just so happens that Shmuel was the one hired to help. Bruno sneaks him some food and Kotler catches…

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