Essay on Mrs. Darcy And Elizabeth

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Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth have one of the most interesting and possibly most frustrating relationships in all of literature. The postponement and delay of their mutual attraction and engagement throughout the novel easily irritates the readers while grasping their attention with suspense at the same time. Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth’s feelings grow for each other in the first half of the novel, but in different directions: love and hate. Elizabeth and Darcy go on an incredible journey from where their feelings toward each other begin to where they finally end. As truths become unveiled and misunderstandings become clear, Elizabeth and Darcy’s relationship finally realizes its true potential.
Elizabeth’s first encounter with Mr. Darcy fails to give the impression that the novel will revolve around the evolution of their love. Their first impressions of each other display feelings of resentment and disgust rather than attraction. Elizabeth judges Darcy the second she sees him walk into the room with a proud attitude as he acts above the scene of average people. He refuses to dance or even talk to anyone. The few words that she hears him speak to his friend Mr. Bingley, offends her immensely; “She is tolerable; but not handsome enough to tempt me(ch. 3.)” This reveals that Mr. Darcy also judges others nearly as much as Elizabeth since neither her beauty nor her wealth appeals to him.
In their next encounter, Elizabeth goes to Netherfield to visit her sick sister. Throughout…

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