Analysis Of Khaled Hosseini 's ' And The Mountains Echoed ' Essays

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In the novel, And The Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini 's, in 1952 of a village in Afghanistan, called Shadbagh where lacking basic living such food and heat. In addition, Shadbagh can be very cool in the winter, as result some small child is liable to perish. Two of my favorite charater are Pari and Abdullah, because my life was very similar like them. In the first two chapters of the book, the sibling relationship between Abdullah and Pari are beautiful. Because of the unfortunate the death of they’s mother brings their relationship with very strong bond. In their relationship, it was easy to knowledge base on of their actions. Especially Abdullah, because he love his sister with unconditional love, and he put her as his priority. Pari hobby is collecting feathers. Abdullah knew how much the feathers meant to Pari, thus, he willing to traded the only a pair of shoes he own to get a peacock feather for her brithday. The relationship between Abdullah and Pari was wonderful until when Pari was sold to the Wahdati family. Pari was very welcome to the family, Mrs. and Mr. Wahdati love her very much. But suddenly, Mr. Wahdati had a stroke, Nila Wahdati was fear to face the struggle. She and Pari move to Paris. As we go throughout daily life, there are always new challenges ahead of us, thus, we just have to relax and smile. In any of our daily life situation is not only the black and white color, but also can be any color base on people point of view.
We all love our loved…

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