Amir And Hassan Relationship Essay

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Amir and Hassan have an extremely unique relationship. Like traditional childhood friends, they often read stories and got into mischief together; however, their relationship became significantly more complicated when these two young children were put into a complex, adult situation. In the beginning of the novel, Amir and Hassan were viewed by the reader as friends with an unusual bond having been nurtured by the same wet nurse. Comparatively, both boys grew up without a motherly figure, but they grew up in different social classes. Amir was Pashtun meaning that was wealthy and privileged. On the other hand, Hassan was Hazara. Because of this Hassan was subject to endless discrimination prompting Hassan’s father, Ali, to say a prayer …show more content…
The guilt built up and relentlessly harassed Amir through nightmares and memories. To eliminate any reminders, Amir did everything he could to eliminate Hassan from his life in attempt to forget the overwhelming guilt. Hassan being a constant reminder Amir’s worst memory was just one of the reasons Amir resented him, but the primary reason was Baba. Amir constantly pursued Baba’s approval, but Baba wanted Amir to be good at sports and essentially be more like Hassan. Hassan was athletic and strong while Amir was more intellectual like his mother. Baba saw this as weakness so he constantly favored Hassan. But Amir wanted Baba’s sole attention, so he resented Hassan, further explaining why Amir neglected to aid Hassan in the ally, and why Amir tried so hard to remove Hassan from his life afterwards.
Overall, Hassan is an ideal friend. Knowing Amir betrayed him, Hassan still told his son that Amir was the “‘best friend he ever had’” (Hosseini 306). Even though Hassan knew the relationship was imbalanced, the genuine kindness of his character was able to understand Amir’s motivations and forgive him. Unfortunately, Amir failed to realize how great a friend Hassan was until it was too late to reunite and amend the relationship. Amir was unable to return Hassan’s loyalty, but he was able to do the next best thing: to adopt and treat Sohrab with the same kindness and loyalty in which Hassan treated

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