The Causes Of Alienation In Teenage Wasteland And The Kite Runner

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The world is filled with things that draw humans away from society. Things that pull people into a depressing state or a feeling of worthlessness. These are emotions that cause alienation. Throughout “Teenage Wasteland” and The Kite Runner, there are characters who suffer from Alienation. The cause of Alienation is these stories are feelings of detachment from a mother or father and the feeling of being denied the truth.
Alienation is caused by being detached from a mother. Anne Tyler, a Pulitzer prize winning author, who commonly writes about alienation within families, just like she did in "Teenage Wasteland." This short story follows Daisy, the mother of a fifteen year old boy who struggles with behavior and keeping his grades up in school.
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Khaled Hosseini was born on March 4, 1965 in Afghanistan and quit his job as a doctor in California to become a full time writer. The Kite Runner, that was written by Hosseini, follows Amir, a young boy who struggles to find his place in the world. Amir fails to find connection with his father and after losing his mother while she was giving birth to him, is tormented with guilt. Amir is a very privileged child who is accustomed to being able to have the material things he wants. Emotional things though, like connection and acceptance, are qualities Amir is not privileged enough to have in his life. Amir feels as though, “ Baba hates [him] a little” because he hadn 't, “ turned out a little more like him” and even though Amir tries very hard to find common interest, for example, trying to play soccer, the similarities are not there (Hosseini 19). The lack of a common interest is one reason Amir and his father never bonded emotionally. Amir has also faced life long guilt after his mother dies while giving birth to him. This tragedy is haunting to Amir and causes him to believe that Baba resents him for the death of, “ his [father’s] beloved wife, his beautiful princess,” which makes Amir feel even more detached from his father Baba (Hosseini 19). Amir’s feelings of alienation are amplified because of Baba’s close relationship with Hassan. Hassan is one of Baba’s servants, and is beloved by Baba. He is …show more content…
Khaled Hosseini was born in Kabul, Afghanistan. Then, when he was fifteen, his family applied for asylum in the United States, where Hosseini later became a citizen. Hosseini at the age of thirty-eight returned to Afghanistan, where he felt as if he did not belong..In The Kite Runner, chapters fifteen through twenty-five, Amir decides to travel back to his home Kabul to free Hassan’s Son Sohrab. Before doing this though, Amir finds out that Amir and Hassan are actually half brothers.He then starts to resent and alienate himself from his dead father because,“ Baba had been a thief” (Hosseini 225). Baba had stolen Amir’s right to the truth. Amir has to look at the world in a whole new light now realizing that most of his childhood had been a lie. Amir did not understand how, “ Baba had brought himself to look Ali in the eye day in and day out” (Hosseini 225). Ali had been dishonored, and this made Amir angry at his father. Throughout Amir’s realization he talks about feeling as though he actually had more in common with his father, Amir says, “Baba and I were more alike than I’d ever ever known. We had both betrayed the people who would have given their lives for us” (Hosseini 226). This fact alienates Amir from the father he thought he knew. The father that Amir wanted to impress. The father that now, Amir realizes, carries just as much baggage as

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