Hills Like White Elephant Analysis

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Alex Keller Hills Like a Pregnant Woman's Belly Pd 6.
In the story “Hills Like White Elephants”, the author, Ernest Hemingway uses the imagery of the hill to depict the meaning behind a man and womans argument. The woman talks about the hills appearing a certain way when you look at them i.e. white elephants. Jig, the woman, comes across as an intelligent and creative person because of the way she describes the hills. However, when reading more into the short story, the hills take on a different meaning. At first, the hills are just a pretty view from the bar of a train station, but throughout the story their meaning becomes a metaphror form the couple's decision on keeping their unborn child or getting an abortion. She portrays the hills as if they are white elephants which represents the child. Also, she sees the life and death on both sides of the hills mimicking the options for the baby's future.
The man says that the hills don't look like white elephants, but Jig thinks they do. She says that he wouldn't have seen a white elephant anyway, but he counters that by saying he might have. In my opinion, they are talking about how he feels he knows what it would be like if she got an abortion. On the other hand, the woman is saying that he wouldn't know what it would be like
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The man and the woman fight about how to handle an unplanned pregnancy. The hills represent the man and womans choice about their future with their unborn child. They figure out their decisions through meaningless conversation about hills and other scenery mentioned in the short story. Ernest Hemingway tells the story in a way where the reader doesn't know what the couple is arguing about. He leaves a few hints like “surgery” and “doctors”. It is very hard to figure out what the argument is about, but when you do it becomes very easy to pull the setting into the

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