The Science Of Astrology And What They Mean Essay

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Last time, we talked a little bit about the houses in astrology and what they mean. (Also, if you go to that link, you’ll find the previous astrology lessons rounded up, as well.)

This time, we’re going to go into a bit of a basic overview of the planets and more importantly, why we look at them. I think everyone’s seen the “It’s in the stars” statements or “What do your stars have to say?” And this has become the familiar thing- but, while yes, we do look at certain stars: it’s really all about those planets.

Of course, we have also all heard things like, “Oh, that Mercury retrograde!” (Usually, with no small amount of swearing.) References to the planetary influences at play on people are pretty common- I, myself have been known to talk frustratedly about my partner’s Venus-driven, ah, enjoyment of downtime a little too much. However, it’s less about these things being the cause, and more about them being what’s already at play in a given influence. That isn’t to say that people who say these things are wrong- they’re not, usually. However, it’s more like how you know the weekend is coming- if you get the weekends off. Friday at 5 doesn’t immediately jettison you home for relaxing and it’s not forcing you to do it: but you do it. Same as Monday doesn’t exactly force you to go to work, but, you do it. Ultimately, whether it’s a tough choice or not- there’s always still a choice. Astrology and the influence these aspects have on us is no different.

In terms of how…

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