A Perfect Understanding Of Life And It 's Surrounding Essay

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In Anthropology , we are constantly looking for answers. Always in deep research to have a perfect understanding of life and it’s surrounding. Even if we aren’t Anthropology majors, we are all anthropologist in a weird way. As we are always so curious of our surroundings and sometimes do our own research , even if it’s just asking our peers or doing online research , we are analyzing our topic of research and stepping out of our element to lead us to answers we may want. and bring our self more knowledge the subject of importance at the moment.
Nobody likes to be compared to a monkey but not knowing that we are closely related to monkeys. Some may even consider monkey and humans cousins. Clearly we are extremely different from monkeys like we walk on our 2 feet and he have much straighter backs. But humans aren’t the only sapiens that walk on this earth.There were many before us and this is where the controversy begins. Many paleoanthropologist may argued the debate whether homo sapiens and homo erectus were indeed different. Or were the differences so little that really there was no reasons to set them apart. They way you would be able to set any species apart is by finding these “traditional” fossil. This would pretty much set one species apart from the other. Many subject to just all specimens should be classified as H. heidelbergensis. All specimens are different but it would just be much simpler to cauterize them in the same group. As stated in the textbook…

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