Essay on Victorian Societal Norms And Expectations

1332 Words Mar 16th, 2016 6 Pages
Alice is trying to conform to Victorian societal norms and expectations. Although she is only seven, she blames herself when she doesn’t have an explanation for a problem when in reality she shouldn’t expect herself (nor should anyone else) expect her to know about of what is going on in Wonderland. Alice has developed neurosis and she is consistently punishes herself for behaving in an undesirable manner and continue to accept the societal norms as her own expectations of herself. Alice has to teach herself things because her parents are distant. They have failed to create a bond with Alice. As a result she became dependent on herself and self-teaching. This also has increased her curiosity as well as her narcissism. Alice developed a narcissistic personality disorder due to her neurosis. She constantly seeks people to belittle and feel superior towards to fulfill her personal sense of adequacy. She is dependent on people in her surrounding environment to lift her up where she or her own parents cannot. Because Alice has no outside foundation for knowledge only what she has been taught generally by her Victorian society, she becomes the figure to comfort, reprimand and guide herself. She compares herself to other for validation and is too preoccupied with her personal adequacy which she comfortably finds in the people around her. Her personal adequacy is how she identifies herself. In Wonderland, Alice’s comfort is challenged. She seeks comfort in things that are familiar…

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