Alice In Wonderland: Extended Analysis Of Tough Alice

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Register to read the introduction… She is welcomed to the unknown. In Tough Alice, Alice is already experienced with the bizarre realm of Wonderland and crosses the threshold once she follows the pig into the rabbit hole. Everything begins to change yet again. As Alice is falling down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland, which seems like forever, Alice reaches the bottom and encounters a room full of locked doors. She stumbles upon a table that displays a drink and some cake. In order to receive the key to get through the doors, she has to drink the bottle that makes her grow and eat the cake that makes her shrink which is an example of the next departure phase belly of the whale. In Tough Alice, Alice had to remind herself, “Think about something, and it appeared. Or don’t think about something, and it still might appear (page 2, Yolen).” The Jabberwock was a vicious monster that always seemed to make a personal arrival every time she visited Wonderland. This is considered when Alice reached the belly of the whale phase because everything was out of her control at the moment. In Alice of Wonderland, Alice encounters two supernatural aides as she wonders through the forest of Wonderland; the Caterpillar and the Cheshire cat. In Tough Alice, her supernatural aide encounters are the Red and White …show more content…
In Alice in Wonderland, Alice becomes overwhelmed with notion of being a range of different sizes within one day, so she begins to cry. Her crying creates a pool of tears where she meets an array of animals, including a mouse. In this pool of tears, Alice and the array of animals participate in Caucus Race, but later Alice unintentionally upsets her new companions by talking about her cat. Second, she continues with her journey and reaches the white rabbit’s house and he mistakenly thinks she’s the maid. The white rabbit says, “Why, Mary Ann, what are you doing out here? Run home this moment, and fetch me a pair of gloves and a fan! Quick, now!” Alice finds an unmarked bottle that makes her extremely tall and little cakes that shrink her smaller than expected. Alice is frightened and runs from the house; this is the road of trails. In Tough Alice, as she wonders through the woods she notices old friends, the tea-party trio to be exact. The Hater to Dormouse to Hare continued to argue across the big oak table as she walked by. Alice, at least hope they would wave but realized Wonderland friends are not the type to send postcards or letters or anything of that kind. Second, she came across all her Wonderland friends at a table in the meadow, exchanging money from creature to

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