Examples Of Narcissism In Into The Wild

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A Strong Ego Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer is a book surrounding the whereabouts of Chris McCandless and why McCandless really decided to take the big journey into the Bush. Into the Wild tries connect the dots with McCandless´ actions with different young adults who happened to do similar journeys like this. Krakauer interviewed different people that McCandless has encountered through his adventure and how he reacted towards them. McCandless also had a small notebook that allows us to go into what he was thinking as he did what he did. A narcissist is someone who has excessive interest or admiration of themselves and as Into the Wild proceeded with McCandless´ story it became apparent McCandless was a narcissist. From small actions to …show more content…
A pilgrim, perhaps¨ (85). A pilgrim is someone who wanders through life, without danger though. Many readers may even argue that he is courageous but someone who is courageous is dauntless and fearless. McCandless was only full of himself and walked into the Bush with 10 pounds of rice and light gear. Jim Gallien was an accomplished hunter and woodsman who first picked up McCandless as a hitchhiker. Gallien remarks that McCandless, ¨... wasn't carrying anywhere near as much food and gear as you'd expect a guy to be carrying for that kind of trip¨ (p. 4), and as Gallien tried to offer him to buy decent gear or if he had a way to contact a family member or friend incase of any emergency McCandless calmly told him, ¨I won´t run into anything I can't deal with on my own¨. McCandless´ confidence that he won´t run into troubles shows his narcissism. McCandless denying these offers is saying: that he knows for a fact, that he can predict the future, with absolute no doubt, will not run into any kind of dangers. McCandless is so confident that he will not run into a bear, that his nutrition will be fine with 10 pounds of rice, that his trip will not get delayed because of weather conditions, that he will survive off light gear in Alaska where temperatures drop

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