`` Dangerous Parties `` By Paul Keegan Essay

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On the night of February 19, 1987, a supposed traumatic event had taken place on the University of New Hampshire. Sara, a female freshman at the time, was supposedly sexually assaulted at a party by three men. A large focus of the case was whether Sara gave sexual consent or not. From the information in “Dangerous Parties” by Paul Keegan, I believe consent was given, but to come to that conclusion multiple aspects of society and the party must be analyzed. First, in the Dangerous Parties article it states that Jon, one of the boys accused of sexual assault, asked Sara for a hug and a kiss. Sara gave Jon both a hug and a kiss, which would be considered consent. Consent defined by Dictionary.com is “to permit, approve, or agree; comply or yield” Sara approved of both the kiss and and the hug, otherwise a normal person would resist and fight. Of course another argument would be that Sara was drunk, that will be tackled later. A little after the kiss and hug Jon and Sara would have sex without a word (Keegan). Some would argue that Sara did not give Jon consent, however on the other side of the page it could also be argued that Jon did not give consent. If the two never said a word to each other how could they give verbal consent? they could not. Although physical consent could be given, no words needed. If either party did not want to have sex there should be some kind of resistance when there was none. Later in the night both Gordon and Chris, Jon’s friends, later had sex…

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