Audrie And Daisy Analysis

“Since my friends didn’t stand up for me, I urge other people to speak out. Because you can’t ignore an army of voices. I would like to see people stand up for others who have been assaulted because the words of our enemies aren’t as awful as the silence of our friends”. Often times you can feel trapped when you feel like the whole world seems to be against you and which is exactly what happened to two young teenage girls, Audrie and Daisy. The documentary, Audrie and Daisy, is a well intentioned exploration that intends to spread awareness of teenage sexual assaults, show social media can amplify a situation, and exposes a society that allows boys to disregard other people’s humanity.
Audrie and Daisy exposes a society where sexual assault
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Between the universality of cellular devices and the widespread use of social media, victims are often trapped in a wrath of name calling. Audrie Pott was at a party with her friends and she ended up passing out in a bedroom when a group of boys came in and began to undress her and began drawing inappropriate images on her body. After pictures were taken and words were written all over her naked body, the boys took photos of her and began to spread it throughout social media. Not only was she humiliated but she was also raped. Audrie began to get bullied and the pictures that the boys took of her kept spreading. Audrie felt alone and nobody knew what she was going through. Two weeks after the incident occurred, Audrie committed suicide. This documentary told a spectacular story of Audrie Pott and gave great examples that high schoolers can understand so that they can put themselves in other individuals shoes. Audries case showed deep emotions and opened up the eyes of hundreds. Girls are two times more likely to get bullied over social media than boys are. The high school boys that spreaded the nude photos of Audrie had no idea what kind of pain that they were about to cause or how their actions were always going to stay on the internet. Audrie had nowhere to run to, everyone at school knew what had happened and what those …show more content…
Society and tradition has taught young men that it is appropriate to treat girls as objects. After Audrie was raped and tormented, the football players that were involved acted as if their behavior was okay and acceptable. They had a group page set up on social media where they would exchange and post nudes of the girls that they were victimizing. Daisy had a very controversial case as the judge first denied to charge the boys that sexually assaulted her. Finding evidence can be a challenge when it comes to charging a person with sexual assault. However, evidence was not the problem with serving justice to these two teenage girls. Full evidence was given to the court and the boy that had raped Daisy was not first charged with anything. One of the boys involved with the assault had political ties with the city and that is one reason believed to be why the boys involved did not get charged. The system allows these type of crimes to happen without repercussions. The victims of rape should not have to feel as if nobody is on there side, instead they should feel like everybody is on there side. The boys that were involved had no shame in humiliating the girls, and a lot of individuals did not see what the boys did wrong because after all, the girls were

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