Gender Roles Of The Media Essay

1898 Words Mar 16th, 2016 8 Pages
One would expect complete equality in today’s “modern” society. Cries for social justice are made daily, but it is uncertain if these cries are being heard and appropriate action is being taken. While there are certainly many serious social issues that deserve the public’s attention, gender issues are becoming more and more obvious. This is clear in the gender roles of people in the media, specifically songs, television shows, and video games, as they often ignore non-binary genders and stereotype the two remaining genders. Gender portrayals in media should be more diversified and appeal to all genders, not just the binary two, so that a broader audience can better understand gender and where they place on the gender spectrum. Gender stereotyping has been a concern since the beginning of time. Women were expected to maintain the household and raise children while men worked. While women are beginning to be accepted into more work spaces and men are respected for staying at home with the children, traditional gender roles are still reinforced. Music often sexualizes women and makes men sound powerful. Television often relies on stereotypes when creating characters and their personalities. Video games encourage this distinction between the two binary genders as they often portray men as strong, powerful heroes and women as attractive background characters or helpless damsels in distress. Furthermore, non-binary genders have been almost completely overlooked in both media and…

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