The Textbook By Roger B. Beck 's Modern World History : Patterns Of Interaction

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Annotated Bibliography

Beck, Roger B., and Linda Black. McDougal Littell Modern World History: Patterns of Interaction
Evanston, IL: McDougal Littell, 2003. Print.

The Textbook by Roger B. Beck and Linda Black, describes how China became more modern after the death of Mao and Zhao had past away. This is also about the time that the communist party had taken over China and started to arrest people from the Cultural Revolution. Roger B Beck, and Linda Black are both writers of the “Modern World History Patterns of Interaction” Textbook and are experts on the knowledge of many countries and their past time including China. The audience that the writers were trying to reach out to was the those who are the California High School Students who may cover this topic. This source was useful to our project because it helped my group understand how the beginning of the communist rule came into China and describes China today.

Tanner, Harold. "Chinese Civil War, 1945-1949 - Military History - Oxford Bibliographies - Obo." Chinese Civil War, 1945-1949. N.p., 19 Apr. 2015. Web. 06 Mar. 2016. .
The article by Harold Tanner is a great example of how the Chinese started to become More independent from Japan in 1945. The audience that the article was intended for is the people who care and find an interest of how China came to the giants country is is today and how they became a more communist party than a nationalist one. This source was a great example of how China and Japan kind of…

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