The Essence Of Evil By Elie Wiesel Essay

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The Essence of Evil
Ahead stood a boy, barely sixteen, with a seemingly normal life. A life filled with worrying about his latest test scores. His story is a sad one. A story full of punches from his father, and empty bottles from his mother. Each night he arrives on his door step, turning the knob staring at the knocker that seems to scream “run”. He knows tonight will be just like the others, filled with fear and evil. Elie Wiesel has a lot of similarities to this boy. They both are too young to be living through such terrible situations, and both are completely changed from the evil expressed by humans. In his memoir, Night, Wiesel uses significant details to show the evil in humans and how being exposed to this darkness can change a person’s character. Wiesel includes many examples of evil in his memoir. The physical abuse and corruption of power within the leadership of the camp and ghettos changed his mindset entirely. The Jews’ first experience of physical abuse is when the Jews were forced to line up in the smoldering heat, “The Hungarian police used their rifle butts, their clubs to indiscriminately strike old men and women, children and cripples,” (Wiesel 16). This quote shows one of the first memories Wiesel has of the abuse and acts as a foreshadow to the rest of the novel. Sometimes the physical abuse was not that of a beating with a club, but was simply a gunshot to the head - ending life right then and there. Wiesel states, “Behind me, an old man fell to…

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