Essay on The Ethics Of The Christian Community

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Ethics are system of moral principles by which Christian Adherents can practically apply the traditional teachings, which are ultimately unpinned by the beliefs of christianity. Thus, the process of ethical reasoning can be used to affirm the love of god and make active moral decisions within the Christian community. The fundamental sources of Christian ethical teachings reside within Jesus’s commandments of love, Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes. Each of these doctrines create a fundamental framework for the principals of ethics, and further provide an adherent with guidance to follow core beliefs and reflect in every action they take. Bioethics effectively prescribe specific guidance and moral practice in relation to the contemporary issues that a Christian adherent may face. It falls under an area of science that deals with ethical choices faced in medical research technology. Specifically, abortion and euthanasia are two direct examples of issues that can be understood and approached using the application of bioethical reasoning within the Christian community. When faced with ethical issues such as these, the application of Christian moral order and the affirmation of faith is evident. Concerning the practice of making ethical decisions, an adherent may turn to the Christian teachings that relate to moral conduct, and the principle beliefs that underpin them. The core ethical teachings within Christianity stem from the commandments, the beatitudes and Jesus’…

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