Why Pro Choice Is A Sacred Choice Analysis

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Since the 1900s women have found ways to have rights. On January 22, 1973 the U.S. Supreme Court said it was a woman’s right to have an abortion due to the Fourteenth amendment. This case, Roe v. Wade, is a case that went down in history and to this day, still has the public bickering over the results. On one hand, you have citizens that are pro-life and believe life is created at conception, and that every life is valuable and should not be destroyed. On the other hand, you have citizens that are pro-choice and believe life does not start until the child is born into the world, and up until that point it should be up to the woman if she wants to keep the fetus. Then there are some that are straddling the fence and is neither pro-life or pro-choice …show more content…
Stacy uses pathos when she says “once you’ve brought a child into this world, you are responsible for the safety, health, education, and well-being of that person for at least the next eighteen years” (Stacy). Stacy’s point is that if a child is brought into this world it becomes the responsibility of the parent, since they created the fetus. Her point is an agreeable point because if a woman does not want to be a parent, the child has a higher chance of facing neglect and abuse. When someone becomes a parent they give up many of freedoms and if they aren’t ready to give them up they will most likely leave the child so they can still live their lives. Stacy involves ethos in her editorial when she says, “proud to be the mother of three children” had two previous abortions and did not regret them. She feels the first two times she became pregnant she wasn’t ready so she aborted them. While adoption is a choice, a woman that doesn’t want a child will still have to supply to that fetus for the first nine months of its life, either way that ties her down. Also the downside of adoption is that when the child gets older they want to find their biological parents so the parents are still linked to the child, even if they wanted zero …show more content…
Different religions have different theories but the overall intel is that life is precious and sacred. Catholic Churches for instance, believes abortions are evil. “Catholic Church has always condemned abortion as a grave evil…John Paul II has maintained that the Bible forbids abortion, just as it forbids murder” (CatholicAnswers). Many Catholics see abortion as murder because it was the Lord’s plan for humans to reproduce and repopulate the Earth. That being said, Catholic Churches also teaches, that one should not use methods of birth control to stop a natural occurrence in life. This same approach also ties into many other churches and religions around the world, such as; American Baptist, Southern Baptist, Methodist, Christian, Buddhism, Episcopal, Hinduism, Islam, Evangelicals, and Presbyterian Churches. Many of these church groups believes life starts at conception and to abort a life, one is committing murder, which is a sin. While many churches are pro-life, some religious groups allow exceptions, such as in instances of rape or if the pregnancy can cause harm to the mother. The churches stand point on abortion does not always, exactly match the standpoint of the individuals attending the churches either. There is always one, whom does not fully agree with everything the Bible of their religious group goes by, so there is bound to be conflicting positions on this topic in church also. Thus,

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