The Film Real Women Have Curves Directed By Patricia Cardoso Essay

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Overview of the Film
The film Real Women Have Curves directed by Patricia Cardoso tells the coming of age story of Ana Garcia. Ana is a Mexican American teenager that is discovering her womanhood, and struggles with pursuing the life she wants to live versus her parents. The relationship between Ana and her mother unfolds because they have different values, interest and expectations of women. As a first generation Mexican American, Ana distances herself from the traditional Latino culture, and assimilates into the American culture (Cardoso 2002).
Assimilation and Acculturation
Assimilation is a process where an individual integrates into another culture. Acculturation is the process in which one culture adopts the language, tradition or values of another culture. In the film, it can be seen that Ana assimilated into the American culture. The film gives the impression that in Latino culture, women are sometimes undervalued as intellectuals. Ana recently graduated from high school, and dreams of attending college. However, the pursuit of higher education differs from traditional Latino value. After high school, Latinos are expected to get a job and help support their families. Typically, Latinas are known and praised for their slim bodies and sexiness. Ana’s mother puts emphasize on how Latinas are supposed to have a certain body type to attract a man and get married. She also makes countless comments about Ana’s weight, and how she will never get married because of her…

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