Should Fracking And The Keystone Pipeline? Essay

1142 Words Mar 16th, 2016 null Page
One of the most important issues today for the left is climate change, rampant disregard for the environment will leave the world in shambles. There are a few current issues for the environment as well, like whether to allow fracking and the keystone pipeline. While most Republicans still deny it is a thing the Democratic candidates, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, have both put forth their own plans to combat its effects. Hillary’s plan mainly involves solar power plants providing energy, wanting to build 500 million panels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions over many years. Bernie on the other hand wants to use several sources of clean energy like wind power, improve our electrical infrastructure, and to create a fossil fuel free country. Both candidates’ energy plans are ambitious and not without issues, the lack of a nuclear power option is troubling, but they are both right in that this country needs to change and fast. Since it takes years for the atmosphere to filter these natural gasses even if we stopped emitting them now we would still feel their effects for years, so it is important to change our energy as soon as possible. While I agree that phasing out fossil fuels and moving towards a clean country are important there is no way both Bernie and Clinton’s plans will be fully realized. Bernie’s plan is much too extreme for Congress to fully approve especially the heavier taxes and ending subsidies for oil. Like he said the millions the fossil fuel…

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