Essay about The And Of Grad Admissions

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The main purpose of the brochures St. Thomas University Residence Dining 2015-2016 and Snapshot of Grad Admissions are aimed to sell products (SERVICES?) to students or parents but, there are so many different aspects to each one. The St. Thomas brochure is designed advertising the different prices, options and rules for the dining residences. Snapshot of Grad Admissions to Princeton University is laid out to get students to apply for different graduate school(???) options and described the different steps needed in order to be accepted. The messages are similar, both for students to take a service from either university, but the layout and the techniques to get your attention are very different. The three main differences the two brochures display are the text size, the colors and images. Although there are a few similarities, such as, the purpose of each brochure for the same intended audiences and the importance of the title, there are far more differences between the both. The colors we see in our everyday lives subconsciously effect our moods and behaviours. The main color in the St. Thomas University Residence Dining 2015-2016 brochure is white along with a bit of green in the headings. According to Kurt and Kelechi, the color white represents purity and cleanliness and the color green is a calming color that offers a sense of refreshment and harmony. This could go to show that St. Thomas University offers a clean and healthy environment for all students to be able…

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