The Lady Of Shalott By Lord Tennyson Essay

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Reading the poem “The Lady of Shalott” by Lord Tennyson Alfred is akin to watching one of the many stories that Disney has made into movies throughout the years. There is a castle, a knight, and a lovely, but cursed, maiden named The Lady of Shalott. Aware that a curse rests upon her and will be released if she abandons her loom, The Lady of Shalott is content to sing as she weaves in her castle room that overlooks Camelot. Unaware of her plight, Sir Lancelot rides past her window in the castle and The Lady of Shalott, captivated by the sight of him in her mirror, leaves the loom to gaze upon him. The mirror breaks as she does so, and the curse is released upon her. The poem swiftly deviates from the classic Disney formula of happily ever after as The Lady of Shalott is overcome by the curse and dies. A budding one sided romance that never blooms into anything but tragedy awaits the readers of Lord Tennyson 's Arthurian themed poem. “The Lady of Shalott” is separated in to four parts with each part mimicking a scene from a movie. It should be considered a narrative poem, as it tells a story, but falls short of being an epic poem as there is a lack of heroic events. All of the events are chronologically ordered and each part of the poem builds on the last sentence of the previous part. The last sentence of each of the four parts ends with one of the few phrases that we hear the characters speak aloud. For example, at the end of Part III The Lady Shalott cries “The…

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