The Ethical Dilemma Of Medical Ethics Essay

797 Words Mar 16th, 2016 4 Pages
In this paper, we are going to present an analysis regarding medical ethics, specifically Euthanasia and we will try to describe the position of a Consequentialist, Deontologist, and Virtue ethics philosophers and what their decision will be in reference to this dilemma. Subsequently we will compare and choose which position is the most appropriate to handle this ethical dilemma and explain why the others positions do not work. We will do our best to present enough evidence to support the reasoning behind our selection. Anything that involves a decision about ending a person’s life regardless of the circumstances, presents ethical dilemmas on how or why this can be done or even worse accepted. Human life is very valuable and should be preserved at any cost most of us believe, and according to religion only God can give or take life; euthanasia basically goes against all this principles and to make things more interesting euthanasia comes from the Greek term “eu” meaning happy and “thanatos” meaning death so the word can be translated as “Happy death”.
Doctors are suppose to treat and relieve people’s pain not assist them on ending their life’s but, in modern societies unfortunately or fortunately depending on who you ask these concepts has been changing and in many countries if a doctor genuinely believes that treatments or medicines cannot stop the suffering of a person this can be enough reason to fulfill the person’s rights to decide if he or she wants to continue living…

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