Why Car Accidents Have Become The Most Common Way For Teens Essay

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Car accidents have become the most common way for teens to die. This is all due to distractions in the car. There are many reasons on why a driver could be distracted. Some of these reasons include changing the radio station, talking to passengers, eating, drinking, being sleepy and using a cell phone. Most teens today have cell phones, which is one of the biggest distraction. A person may be walking down the hall and feel their phone vibrate, so they pull it out and respond to the text they just received. While responding to the text, they bump into somebody and quickly apologize before getting on there way again. If the exact same thing were to happen while they were driving, they may not have the chance to say sorry. They could’ve just killed somebody or be the one dead. Sadly just saying sorry can’t undo anything. Acting responsibly behind the wheel is the best thing a person could do to keep not only them safe but everyone else on the road. For most, one of the biggest distractions in the car for teens is their cell phone. Although the driver might feel comfortable texting and driving, the passengers in the car may not feel the same way. Could you live with the knowledge of knowing you killed somebody just by looking at your phone for a few seconds? According to “This Is Why Distracted Teen Drivers Are Crashing,” the author, Nolan Feeney, states, “Using a phone while driving is the second-leading cause of deaths that occurs in a vehicle”(2). Driving and…

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