The Female Characters Of The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Although Fitzgerald focuses on the male characters, it is very clear that the female characters are all very important in this novel. All three of the women have a substantial part to play in the shaping of the storyline. Even though they live in the same circumstances, where women are below men, their reactions to it contrast greatly. Each female character in the novel differs greatly from one another. Daisy Buchanan is the “golden girl” of the novel. Daisy is extremely charming and many men fall for her because of the way that she speaks her mind and presents herself to others. She is very charismatic, people just tend to find themselves being drawn towards her. Fitzgerald does much to make her character worthy of Gatsby’s devotion. In the novel, Steinbeck tries greatly to enhance Daisy’s character. When writing about Daisy, Steinbeck frequently brings up the color white. When Steinbeck introduces Daisy she is wearing white. The color white is supposed to be associated with righteousness and purity. For example, when Nick Carraway visits the Buchanan’s, he meets Jordan and Daisy “They are both in white”(Steinbeck ).
Although both Tom and Daisy are unfaithful to each other in their marriage, Daisy cannot bring herself to leave Tom. Daisy likes to rely on her husband’s social standing within the public to gain popularity, as well as his wallet to purchase flashy things like a large house, nice bright clothing, and jewelry. After Tom’s statement in chapter…

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