The Great Gatsby Misogynist Analysis

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Misogyny is the hatred or dislike of women or girls. When misogyny is portrayed in literature, it presents female characters as physically, mentally, emotionally, or morally deficient. The Great Gatsby is a misogynistic novel because the female characters display moral and mental corruption, and they have a negative impact on the male characters. This is seen in how the three women in the novel are all dependent on the money of men, never take responsibility for their actions, and are held to different standards. Fitzgerald seems to emphasize the faults in his female characters more than is usual. Jordan Baker is defined by her dishonesty, only receiving attention after she cheated in a golf tournament. Fitzgerald used Myrtle to show how women who are materialistic and immoral are both dangerous and doomed to misery. He also objectified Daisy by making her a symbol of the American Dream and the prize that Gatsby works hard to obtain.
Jordan Baker is depicted as a typical 1920s woman, who discards traditional morals in the pursuit of material gratification. She is constantly held to a lower standard because she is a woman. An example of this is how even though Nick knows that Jordan cheated at golf, he dismisses it as the way women are. “It made no difference to
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The three female characters are used to display moral and mental corruption of women, and show that they have a negative impact on the male characters. Myrtle is used to illustrate how women who are materialistic and depraved are dangerous and doomed, Jordan is used by Fitzgerald to portray women as liars and cheaters, and Daisy is portrayed as the stereotypical temptress. As a result of the female characters being morally corrupt, as well as negatively influencing the male characters, The Great Gatsby is without a doubt is misogynistic

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