The Impact Of Culture And Society Influence On Development And Functionality Of Individuals

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My background as an immigrant at an early age has provided me ample opportunities of experiencing and overcoming adversities as well as developing compassion for those who face similar challenges. I learned to delicately navigate the intersections of two cultures which I grew up in and have always believed that my multiculturalism gives me a unique worldview. I became deeply interested in not only how these differences affected my life personally, but also how different people came to develop their own unique perspectives. Entering university, I chose Psychology to be my major focus because I have been keenly interested in how culture and society influence the development and functionality of individuals. My personal interest in these topics and others such as social psychology and gender psychology helped me continuously excel in my undergraduate courses, leading to my current 3.92/4.0 GPA. More importantly, I have been serving as a research assistant in the Cross-cultural Attachment Research Lab (CARL) at the University of North Texas for almost two years through which I have observed first-hand the complexity of human behaviour and self-identity development when put in circumstances of mixed cultures. My involvement in the CARL gave me the chance to perform hands-on field work including conducting research interviews to participants in both English and Chinese, and serving as a case manager for four participating families. These experiences fostered my curiosity and gave…

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