Child Abuse And Its Effects On Children Essay

1027 Words Mar 16th, 2016 null Page
An extensive amount of children experience child abuse in today’s society that affects them during maltreatment and in their future lives. The importance of this research is to indicate what child abuse is, what types of child maltreatment are, how it will both the current and future life of a child, and what ways there are to help kids who have or are experiencing abuse. Scientist, therapist and many researching have been performing studies on kids who have experienced any type of child abuse and kids who have not experienced any to determine the differences in their lives. Since child abuse has become a vast situation in many places the research and studies are needed to determine how it affects the child, and how it can be fixed.
Over a long period of time there have been a difference in the way child abuse is defined."Today the question of abuse is focused on the point at which a parent crosses the fine line between acceptable use of force and unacceptable abuse, and with what frequency."(Singletary). The easier forces to define are burning, beating, or imprisoning. but would one consider spanking their child abuse? In today 's world 90% of parents spank their child as a punishment for bad behavior, but some individuals may believe that this could be an act of physical abuse. This can be important in research because it helps social workers ask the question that need to be answered. Some like, how do you define the abuse, and how do you define the abuser? There are…

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