Essay on Graduation Speech : Teaching And Development Course

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Seeing a difference one teacher can make to a child was enough to inspire me to pursue a career in primary teaching.. During this time there was one teacher in particular which made such a difference to the inclusion of my son and encouraged him to engage in his learning again that I felt inspired to pursue a career in primary teaching. Helping children become individuals with a love of learning and to see the progression of a children when they are taught by a teacher willing to support them is some of the qualities I saw in this teacher that I aim to include within my own practice. Spending the time in school has only reinforced my love of working with children and supported my interest in education. Having completed a three year BA hons in education, learning and development course my interest in the way children learn, how they develop and how the access education only grew. After this was completed I undertook a PGCE course in primary teaching which also included an extended period of school based training. Having been in school for four days a week throughout a whole school year has not only given me an insight into how the school year changes through the terms but also prepared me to confidently take responsibility of my own class.
Before returning to study I had been working within a nursing background. The skills that I have developed in this career I believe can be successfully transferred and used effectively in a teaching career. Through my nursing training I…

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