The Connection Between Black Identity And Religion Essay

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Christianity has always been looked at as the savior of the African American people. Although the bible was used as a weapon to oppress African Americans, during slavery, it was also viewed as a beacon of hope during times of immense struggle. African Americans were able to evaluate the bible and reconfigure it to their specific needs. The following works will explain the transformation of the connection between black identity and religion through the chronological works of African American poets during different eras in American history.
During slavery African Americans created songs to represent the impact of labor and oppression on slaves. What was later became known as a spiritual, became the framework for genres such as blues, gospel and jazz. The spiritual, Been in The Storm So Long, is a perfect representation of how African Americans used religion as a guide. They were taught that prayers could get them out of their oppressive situation, in the reading the main character is asking God to simply give him more time to pray. Rather than fighting to get themselves out of a situation they are relying on God to relieve their life complications. Essentially that was what oppressors wanted, African Americans feared the judgement of god and it kept them under control. The same speculations apply for the spiritual Come Sunday, the speaker of the poem is asking God to help their people through the hard times. The narrator reassures that God will always make things okay. At…

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