Frankenstein, By Victor Frankenstein And The Servant Of Frankenstein

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Many students and critics believe that Victor Frankenstein is a bad person for trying to play god and not taking responsibility for his creation and overall abandoning his problems and making everything worse. In this novel, there are moments of people that are very nurturing and moments that show complete abandonment the option of nurturing someone in the time of need. Some of the best cases of nurturing people come at the beginning of the novel with Victor 's parents and Justine Moritz, the servant of Frankenstein Family. In many cases, they prove to be caring and kind to each other and take care of them and work through their problems. The biggest and possibly the most important case of nurturing or lack of it was when Victor Frankenstein created a monster and all the monster wanted was someone to love him and care for him and Victor abandoned the monster making him feel unwanted and an outcast that eventually turned into anger and rage. The monster finds out that he was not loved by his own creator who he considers being his father, and knowing that he goes on a rampage for the lack of nurturing Victor gave to his creation. The reason he didn 't fit in society was not because of his looks but because his “father” Victor abandoned him and never got to learn how to be a human. As society and his creator thought, he soon believed that he was a monster and was never meant to be created. The monster started to go on a rampage and killing victor 's loved ones as revenge for…

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