The Day Known For Bad Luck Essay

1030 Words Mar 16th, 2016 null Page
It was Friday the 13th. The day known for bad luck. I laughed as my friends and I were discussing it, nothing was going to spoil today. It was a clear sunny day down in Port Vincent, the perfect weather for swimming. As we all piled into the car, none of us would wipe the smiles off our faces. We were ecstatic, as today we had the whole day to ourselves down the beach. Whilst driving to the beach, my friends and I struck up a conversation about how we shouldn’t go in the water today as it was Friday the 13th, but we weren’t superstitious so we just laughed it off.
As I stepped out of the car, the smell of seawater assaulted my nose. The ground was hot beneath me, and I could feel the sun’s rays on my shoulders. Yep, today was going to be a good day. As we walked along the soft sand we started scouting for a place to put our stuff before venturing into the water. We found the perfect spot, on the other side of the beach, as far away from the steps as possible. We hastily put down our things, took off our over shirts and bolted to the water. As we were near the jetty we decided to wade in the shallows looking for shells. The water was cool and refreshing. As I was searching for shells I felt something, like a little pinprick. I thought nothing of it until about five minutes later when my foot started to itch. I reached down to scratch it, and when I lifted my hand back of the water they were red. I was in shock. Slowly I lifted my foot out of the water, it was covered in…

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