Summary : ' The Night ' Essay

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Have you ever wondered if there are living creatures on other planets?
Well there are other living creatures on a planet called Capa. There lives a clan called the Sky Noks, they 're not the kind of creature that would make you hide under your bed. They live on a red-hot lava planet. They were as normal as we are on Earth until a great evil came an evil called Dangeonmia.

The Evil Is Us is a clan that comes to your planet to take over. They might kill you or keep you held captive. When they came to Capa to take over their planet many people died and some were held captive but one girl escaped when she was only five years old.

Her mom told her to take one of their ships and go. She did what her mom said, her mom started the ship for her and off she went to find somewhere to go that was safe. She looked and looked and she has found no place that is safe for her to stay. She is still looking to this day.

It was just my birthday two days ago, its August 20th, Wednesday, my brother 's birthday was on July 28th he turned 16, I turned 15.

My mom and dad are now fighting because my mom is so sick of my dads side of the family." They don 't appreciate me like my side of the family does yells my mom to my dad.”
"You just got to give them a chance.”
"We have been together for 20 years and when we got married your family didn 't have the heart or the decency to accept me as a family member. I don 't have anything in common with them, what am I supposed to talk to…

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