The Atrocities During The World War II Era Essay

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Three particular traits were responsible for the majority of the atrocities during the World War II era; for example, in Soviet Russia, persecution lead to millions of deaths in Gulags, the Soviet government 's complete control of individuals and society lead to the deaths of millions of Ukrainian peasants, and the use of police and military terror was responsible for the deaths of millions of civilians during the Great Purge of Stalin.
Persecution was a key trait of totalitarianism that lead to millions of deaths in the Soviet Gulags during the World War II era. Persecution happens when perceived enemies of the state are mistreated and/or eliminated for ethnic, religious, or political reasons. Often, these enemies were the scapegoats for all the problems of the country that the totalitarian leaders had promised to fix but were unable to. These groups are often easily identified and subjected to campaigns of terror and violence. They may be forced to live in certain areas, or are subjected to rules that apply only to them. For example, Lenin’s successor Stalin seized power and transformed the Soviet Union into a totalitarian state. Stalin was determined that the Soviet Union should be politically and economically among the most powerful of nations in the world. Stalin and his followers believed that the kulaks were the main obstacle to achieving a successful agricultural revolution in the Soviet Union. A kulak was a peasant in the Soviet Union wealthy enough to own a farm…

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