Should Laws For Texting And Driving Essay example

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Should laws for texting and driving be the same as laws for drinking and driving?
Have you ever seen someone texting and driving, while you were in a car? If so, you might’ve also noticed that they weren’t really paying attention to the road, isn’t that scary? Texting while driving is a newly found issue, and it is seen in drivers of all ages. Texting while driving didn’t used to be a very big issue, but now that everyone has hand held phones and devices, it seems to have become something that really needs to be fixed. Most people who text and drive also claim that they know the dangers, so this issue isn’t going to go away on it’s own. The laws for texting and driving should be the same as, or at least similar to those for driving under the influence of alcohol, because texting and driving isn’t much different than driving while intoxicated, texting and driving is a big problem, and it affects even those who refrain from doing it. Texting and driving is an issue that is very similar to driving while intoxicated (DWI). Because of that, the laws should be similar between the two, if not the same. According to Vital Signs, around 23% of all driving mishaps in 2010 were because of alcohol, in that same year, ⅓ of crash fatalities were also because of alcohol. The dangers of texting while driving, states that 40% of teens in America have been in a car where the driver was using a device in a way that made them feel unsafe. Also, 11% of drivers 18-20 years old were in a…

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