A Brief Note On The Police Department Of West East Of California 's State Capitol

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Rocklin Police Department
Thirty miles east of California’s State Capitol lies a unique town called Rocklin. This small town which was originally known as “Secret Ravine” originated in 1860, with a population of 440 and is recognized throughout history for its rock quarries and railroads. Rocklin built its first city jail in the middle of the 1880’s, and was crafted of granite, with a small steel window and door. Each night a watchman patrolled the streets and approximately every evening at 8:00pm a curfew bell would ring, warning all vagrants to leave town and notify children to get home. Originally the jail was intended to house criminals, but in the early 20th century, it became a place for hobos to escape the long cold nights; however, there was one stipulation, they had to be locked up for the night for fear they would steal the bedding. In 1946 a young boy named Ernest Willard became Rocklin’s first chief of police, his father George was the town marshal. Every morning on his way to school, Ernest would go by the Jailhouse to let the hobos out. This haven for hobos was an act of compassion and community service that will forever be remembered. Earnest Willard passed away in 1987 at the age of 90, but in 1983 he served as an honorary marshal in the Rocklin Jubilee parade, at the time he still possessed a key to the original jail house. Over the past three decades, residents of Rocklin have experienced an increase in economic growth and crime in their community.…

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