Reflection Of The FFA As A Discourse Community

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FFA as a Discourse Community

In many ways-specifically,communicating with people in this generation-living by the mantra “out with the old and in with the new” can heavily influence the way people respond to information. We live in a fast pace world where “the next big thing” has already passed you by by the time you take your next breath. With the ever changing trend in ways to communicate with people, discourse communities like Future Farmers of America (FFA) look for ways to communicate with their members effectively. While there are many classic or traditional ways to communicate with its member that are effective, modern FFA is immensely improved when it utilizes all forms of communications both traditional as well as modern technology.
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There were many things that remained the same such as the ability and encouragement to keep in contact with each other by use of cellphone. Morgan explained that members text each other often, especially upon occasions when they have questions regarding their animals. Morgan proceeded to explain that a difference between this year (2016-2017) and the previous year (2015-2016) is the idea of peer mentors within the group. This gives us an idea of the way in which information travels through the club. First, there are the Advisers which are teachers paid by the school and who have higher education in Agriculture. Second, there are the student officers who answer to the Advisers as well as receive information from the advisers. The student officers were elected by members of the chapter and compete for their level of officer position. Third, the mentors answer to the officers. Morgan expressed to us that mentors are members who have experience and who have been active in the club for a while. Each mentor is assigned a specific group. One mentor may reside over members who raise pigs while another mentor may reside over members who raise goats and so on. Understanding these three different roles helps us understand how students and members communicate and receive information outside of class and meeting settings. A members first resort …show more content…
These are the “Remind 101” app and the “Groupme” app. These apps are relatively new and have only been used by the Mayde Creek FFA chapter for will be two school years (2015-current). The “Remind 101” app allows the Adviser to send reminders and receive questions through a designated account. The adviser signs up and creates an account that they know will be public to the students. Usually, the reminders are sent from a computer rather than a cell phone although it can be done both ways. The Advisers may also use the “GroupME” app which is essentially the same idea. Both these apps allow the adviser to reach a group of students with information as well as receive and answer questions the students might have. These are the prevalent texts seen through use of the cell

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