What Did You Plan For Teaching And / Or Do ( Transitions, Management, Accommodations )?

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1. What did you plan to teach and/or do (transitions, management, accommodations)?Did you teach the plan you made?
For reading intervention, I planned to read the emergent reader. Then we would color it. For reading centers, we painted with shaving cream and glue. We made habitats for the arctic animals we learned about last week. For ELA centers, we wrote down the main idea of a story, and then drew a picture to match it. For transitions we planned on having the students go in the assigned groups that they have been working with. For management I planned to refer to the lemming poster when necessary. Accommodations were different with each activity. Higher level learners would read the story with me, for reading intervention. For reading centers, there were no accommodations needed. For the ELA centers, I wrote did help sound out a lot more words than I normally would. Some who did not need it asked, and I sounded it out for them anyways,
2. Did you make adjustments? What adjustments did you make during your teaching time and/or block time and why?
I did make adjustments. I made the students, in my reading intervention group, circle all the words they knew in the story. There were a lot of sight words and I wanted to show them that, yes, the words you are learning can help you read! Sometimes they just guess sight words until they get the correct answer. This time I made them see how the word fits into a sentence. Then having them read the sentence made their knowledge…

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