Music Used As Resistance And Defiance Essay

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Music Used as Resistance and Defiance
During the Holocaust, there was a sense of hopelessness; although there was one thing that brought people together equally as well as it was used to split people apart. This was music. Music was used as a sort of cultural time capsule. It allowed the prisoners of the Third Reich to feel a sense of hope and cultural reconnection, but music was a double edged sword. It could also be used by the Germans to promote their genocidal ways to a wider group of individuals.
Nostalgic appeal
The music that the Jewish prisoners listened to was a way they escaped from the horrors of imprisonment; it was a way for them to remember their past lives. Music was an important way for the prisoners to preserve their religious culture and independency (“United States Holocaust Memorial Museum”). “In the concentration and death camps, political prisoners from across Europe used music to express their opposition to the regime, and to help build morale and camaraderie amongst opposition political groups,” (“Music and the Holocaust”). Even though the music was an inspiration for the Jewish faith, it could also backfire on them.
Third Reich’s usage of music
The Germans used music to their advantage during this time due to it having a strong connection to the culture of the Jews. Although they were constantly pushed down, the prisoners of the Third Reich used music as a defiance towards their captors (“Music and the Holocaust”). The “Music on Demand” command at…

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