Essay on Female Students Of High School Discriminated

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Female Students of in High School Discriminated

Women are an object. Or atleast thats how the latest dress codes at school are making women out to seem. Many school now a days are going to extremes such as shorts covering your knees, or even no collar bones showing. There are many different opinions to whether or not the code could be sexist towards females. Multiple schools have experienced things such as student protest. But many argue that the dress code isn 't out of line, but could even use more rules.

I spoke to multiple individuals in school. A group of four by girls by the names of Laura, Kate, Emily, and Bridget from the library had common frustration with the shoulder showing problem. They came to the agreement that they feel guy 's shoulders would be more distracting than theirs. Bridget was on the taller side and said that she feels the fingertip length rule is unfair to girls who have long arms and legs. Emily said she noticed that only certain teachers speak up. And sometimes that 's a problem because some people will get in trouble while others won 't. Kate and Laura both brought up footwear. According to the planner you are not allowed to wear anything like flips flops. The only rules that are applied to guys are the rules of no hats, tank tops that are open on the side, or inappropriate shirts. Although boys have rules, they don 't have nearly as many as girls. Boys have is much easier. They don 't have to worry about how long these shorts are.


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