World War II And The Great World Essay

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World War II (The Second World War) was arguably the most significant period in the 20th century, lasting from September 1st, 1939 until September 2nd, 1945. There were many factors that interconnected together before and after World War I had ended, which progressed into a development of World War II. These events include: the failure Treaty of Versailles with the resentment it caused, the failure of the League of nation and the outbreak of the Great World Depression. However, Germany and the rise of Hitler had the largest contribution to the cause of World War II in contrast of the other nations involved because all three factors (Versailles Treaty, The League of Nations and The Great Depression) were involved in how Hitler came to power. All these factors will be explained furthermore throughout this paper.

After World War I ended in 11/11/1918, the victorious Western Powers, i.e. the Great Britain, the United States, France and Russia imposed a series of strict treaties upon the defeated nations (USHMM, 2016). These include: Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria and in particular, Germany (Wikipedia). The decision of the Versailles Treaty was held at a meeting between 32 countries at the Versailles Palace, 3 months after the ending of World War I. (Trueman, 2015) Although Germany and the other defeated nations had many disagreements for the treaty, they had no choice but to sign it because they were threatened that if there were no signatures made, their nations would have been…

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