What Causes Childhood Obesity? Essay

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What Causes Childhood Obesity?
There are many causes of childhood obesity. Over the past 30 years obesity has almost doubled in children and adolescents. Obesity in children is usually caused by physical, psychological, social and environmental factors. Obesity in children also is caused by biological, technological advances, as well a cultural means.
Within societies there are many children who are at risk of struggling from childhood obesity would be children who:
• Do not partake in physical activity;
• Consume a unhealthy diet to deal with stressors or social issues;
• Partake in watching excessive amounts of television;
• Consume beverages that are high in sugar; as well as consume foods that are high in fat and sugar;
• Higher or Lower Socio – Economic Statuses (SES);
• Learn through Parental Influences;
Physical factors
The lack of physical activity among children and adolescents has become a major contributing factor for children struggling with Childhood Obesity. Children who struggle with obesity are not receiving the suggested levels of physical activity recommended; as well 10% of children are also completely sedentary (Jackson, C.G. 2013). Children who do not pertain in physical activity struggle from obesity because watching television, playing on video games, and the use of computer screen time occupies a large percentage of children’s time for physical activity. “It is estimated that children in the United States are spending 25% of their waking hours…

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