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When working within an SSH session on an esx server which command is used to view Services running in the Firewall
esxcfg-firewall -s
Which command is used to start the Tomcat Apache Webservice on an ESX server.
Service vmware-webAccess Start
What is the command to initialize vi-fastpass
sudo vifp addserver <ServerName>
Which command do you run to verify that a server has been added as a target with vi-fastpass
Run vifp listservers
What command is used to initialize vi-fastpass.
vifpinit <Target_System>
Which command would be used to list the nics on a specific esx host
vicfg-nics -l --vihost <ESX_host>.
What are the options for Private VLANs
vm-support is the ability to capture host performance data which can be replayed later using esxtop. To invoke the performance capture to specify the frequently a performance "snapshot" that is taken and over what period of time. Which of the following are the correct syntax.
vm-support -S -i 30 -d 600
The main vCenter Server log files are:
The syslog process reads which configuration file to determine where to send log messages.
Which command would list the CDP setting on a standard switch vSwitch0.
esxcfg-vswitch -b vSwitch0
Which commands can be used to examine and configure routing using SSH on an ESX server.

Which command lists the devices controlled by VMware NMP and shows the SATP and PSP information associated with each device.
esxcli nmp device list
Which command will select one of the disk storage devices claimed by the NMP.
esxcli nmp device list -d <>
Which of the following commands is the correct syntax for the setpolicy command for the Path Selection Policy (PSP).
esxcfg-nmp device setpolicy --device --psp VMW_PSP_FIXED
Which command returns the path configured as the preferred path for the specified device.
esxcli nmp device getpreferred --device
Which command lists existing software iSCSI NICs for adapter vmhba34
esxcli swiscsi nic list -d vmhba34
Which command is used to determine the default PSP and the active path for a specific storage NAA device.
Type esxcfg-mpath -l -d <>
How do you list all multipathing plug-ins installed on your ESX(i) host.
vicfg-mpath -G
esxcfg-mpath -G
Which command is used to manipulate VMFS and virtual disks at the service console command line.
Which commands are valid for registering,
powering off or powering on VMs from the console command line.
vmware-cmd -s register /vmfs/volumes/SharedVMs/vm1/vm1.vmx
Which file contains the setting
Which command would be used to halt the Host daemon prior to changes.
service mgmt-vmware stop
Which file is the text file that contains the sudo users and the rules that apply to them.
Where is VMware DirectPath I/O configure in the VI Client.
Configuration> Hardware Advanced settings
Which command would be used to list the nics on a specific esx host
vicfg-nics -l --vihost <ESX_host>.
Which syntax is used to create single vmkernel interface and enable Jumbo Frames.
esxcfg-vmknic -i -n -m 9000
Which syntax is used to enable Jumbo Frames for an entire vSwitch:
esxcfg-vswitch -a vSwitch 3 -m 9000
TSO is enabled in the VMKernel by default. If you want to disable TSO on a vmkernel interface when you create it you must use the:
esxcfg-vmknic -a -i -n -t vmkernel1
(-t or --tso)
Verify that NetQueue has been configured using:
vicfg-module <conn_options> -l
To verify that IPv6 has been enabled, run the command:
vmkload_mod -l
How would you add a keyboard delay to the vMA virtual machine.
Type keyboard.typematicMinDelay
Enter a value
What is the command to configure IPV6 on a vmkernel port
esxcfg-vmknic -6 true
What is the syntax to configure SNMP which includes the server the community and the port to use for traps.
vicfg-snmp --server <hostname> --username <username> --password <password> -t <target hostname>@<port>/<community>
What is the command to configure IPV6 on a Service console port port
esxcfg-vswif -6 true
What command is used configure your ESXi host and your ESX host to send logs to your vMA virtual
vilogger enable
What command is used confirm your ESXi host and your ESX host are configured to send logs to your vMA virtual
vilogger list
Run esxtop in batch mode saving all CPU metrics to a file for 100 iterations from vMA.
esxtop -b -a -n 100 > logfile.
Change esxtop layout and save to default config file
Add/Remove fields:

<type appropriate character>Changing the order:

<move field by typing appropriate character uppercase = left, lowercase = right>Saving all the settings you’ve changed:

WKeep in mind that when you don’t change the file-name it will be saved and used as default settings.
Which command will change the vi-admin password
passwd vi-admin
Use Vilogger to set a maxfilesize, numeration settings
1. vilogger enable –-server <FQDN of ESXi Host> –-numrotation 20 –-maxfilesize 10 -–collectionperiod 10
The command vihostupdate allows you to extract patch files and to install them on your host. Patches can be download from this link - To extract the contents of patch use this command. --server <server_name> -b
To extract and install the patch in one step run the following command. --server <server_name> -i -b
Which command is used to create a SATP rule
esxcli nmp satp addrule –-satp=”VMW_SATP_ALUA” –-vendor=”FUJITSU” –-model=”ETERNUS_DXL” –-description=”ETERNUS DX with ALUA” –-claim-option tpgs_on “quotes not required”