Homeschooling Is The Best Ways For Education Essay

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“You’re comparing a system where you’ve got one teacher with 30 kids compared to one parent with two kids” (Fedele, 2010). Homeschooling is by far on of the best ways for education nowadays. Not only can one tailor the lessons to a child’s specific learning style, but they can also give that child one-on-one time to see if they are really grasping the lesson or not to try to prevent gaps in learning. In order to homeschool one must have the time, dedication, and knowledge needed to teach a child everything they are going to need to know. The parent must also have outside sources for subjects that need to be taught that the parent has not yet mastered. It is also better to homeschool in these times because public school has a lot of bad things going on. Such as, bullying, overcrowded classrooms, teachers not doing their job, and having to deal with behavioral problems of other children. Not only does one get to make sure their child is within the safety of home, but they also get to have plenty of family time instead of the child going to school 5 days a week for multiple hours.
One might argue that if someone decides to homeschool their child, that child will not get to experience things that kids in public school get to experience, which is false. When a parent homeschools a child they can give that kid all of the right experience that they would get in public school. This is where the parents time and dedication comes into play. It is not easy planning field…

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