Augustine On The Problem Of Suicide Essay

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Augustine on the problem of suicide is a focused response to Christians who were victims of rape during the sack of Rome. In effect to the act of violation, they may be contemplating of ending their own life in order to preserve their sense of ‘honor’. Whereas some argue (those against Christianity) that there are acts of suicide that are justifiable, such as martyrdom, for martyr’s foresees their coming death and allow it. Augustine in effect responds in throughout Book 1 of “The City of God” (Dyson edition) that suicide differs greatly from martyrdom, because the two individuals possessed different intentions when their death was brought about. For suicide victims intend their own death, whereas martyrs foresee theirs yet had no actions in bringing it about. In which this paper will adopt Augustine’s focus on why suicide is wrongful, whereas the actions of Martyrdom aren’t. In explaining the core difference between the two, and how Augustine explains the incorrect in the actions of suicide. For he explains that these individuals are mistaken to end their lives assuming they have lost their chastity, when in fact they didn’t, rather it was a false sense of chastity. Hence this paper will stand by Augustine in perceiving why there is no justifiable reason to actively end one 's life, unless the cause of death was out of their control, nor intended.
In the Dyson edition of the City of God, Book1 chapter 20, Augustine’s states “No divine precept or permission can be…

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