The Cultural Objects Of The Hmong People Essay

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To the Hmong community, there is an important piece of cultural artifact and that is the paj ntaub, Hmong embroidery. There are two different types of paj ntaub, the clothing embroidery and the story cloth. The different types has their own meanings, but both can be seen as examples of race, class, and gender differences. The history of the paj ntaub has transformed from cultural traditional practices to commercial goods that continues to establish the class and gender inequalities as the stories and experience of the Hmong people progress.
Historically, the paj ntaub were designed and created by Hmong women from different tribes and clans. The purpose of the clothing embroideries were to create as decoration for the clothing for the families to show off. Different designs and meanings of those designs signify the different tribes among the Hmong. Each tribe associate different colors and patterns to their paj ntaub, this allows them to be distinguishable from the other tribes. Yet, all the tribes still collectively make up the Hmong population. We talked about the stereotypes of what it means to be “redneck” and “poor white trash” from Wray’s book, Not Quite White, and how this image of what we perceived as being redneck and poor white trash stems from the appearance of a person. This relates to the paj ntaub design used to represent the different tribes because both emphasize on how appearance puts you in a category. To the Hmong community, it was a way to identify what…

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