Veteran Connections: A Case Study

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The organization Group D has formulated is named Veteran Connections. VC is an organization that acts as a “one stop shop” for prior service members. The services available at VC are mental health counseling, medical care, job training, and job placement, substance abuse treatment, support groups (PTSD, AA, NA), job training and placement, affordable housing referrals, educational assistance, limited legal representation (family law-divorce, child custody, child support, domestic violence restraining orders, VA disability compensation claims, criminal expungements, bankruptcy). VC is intended to be an extension of the Veterans Affairs; clients are able to experience the same services offered at the VA at the convenience of a closer location and less wait time. VC is responding to the challenge that former service members experience which is decreased well-being of the target audience which may result in mental health challenges, medical challenges, legal challenges, and unemployment.
The type of organization that will meet the necessities of the clients under the care of VC is one where the organizational culture includes a climate where employees are passionate about assisting veterans. The is a consistent structure in place that includes a thorough intake process where the needs of
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TQM would best suit VC because the mission of VC is extremely similar to the ideals included in TQM. As far as employee relations, personnel will be encouraged to advance their knowledge and skills as aforementioned in answer number two. Upper management will strive to assume an approachable demeanor and if possible act as mentors to staff members. Incentives such as bonuses and prizes will be available to employees who go above with the succor they provide

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