Analysis Of The Book ' Silent Spring ' By Rachel Carson Essay example

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Triumph Against Adversity
Rachel Carson wrote Silent Spring in the early 1960’s as a response to the massive amounts of DDT being spread throughout the United States. DDT had first been introduced in the wake of World War II as a “wonder pesticide” that could eliminate all pests. The real problems began rising when farmers starting using much more of the pesticide than were necessary. Farmers were using as much as two pounds of DDT per acre on their crops, and not long after the effects were becoming noticeable in the food chain. (McKibben and Gore, pg. 365) When it became apparent the DDT usage wasn’t going to drop, Carson made her concerns known by writing the book Silent Spring. Her book describes the perils of using DDT not only to the environment, but to people as well. She gives factual evidence from various studies and experiments that points to DDT and other pesticides as dangerous, and even provides alternative methods to use besides chemical sprays. Knowing that she was fighting an uphill battle, Carson not only provides a heavily factual argument in her campaign against DDT, but also appeals to the emotions of the American people by citing the bald eagle, and further backs up her argument with pesticide alternatives in the hope of influencing American citizens to take a stand against DDT and other biocides.
Carson’s argument, known as Silent Spring, focused mainly on citing research done on pesticides and factual evidence supporting her argument that chemical…

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