Graduation Speech : College Preparatory Essay

1354 Words Oct 11th, 2016 6 Pages
During the middle of my 8th grade year, my homeroom teacher gave an intriguing proposition. She held a brochure for the Capital Preparatory Magnet School, a year-round Pre- K through 12th grade school. “The College Preparatory environment is wrapped around a Social Justice theme that is integrated into the rigorous curriculum and instruction experience. Capital Prep boasts on the promise of 100% college admittance for each graduating senior. Through our academic and Social Justice Initiatives, Capital Prep students discover their passions and immense potential with talented and engaging teachers and an energetic and diverse peer group.” Honestly that all seemed very grand, but obviously I was uncertain about going to a prep school. What if the school was so based on academics that there would be little time for me to do anything else? What if the curriculum was so compressing that I would not have the time to take any other classes that I actually had some sort of interest in? I just wasn’t sure what to do with as those questions were racing through my head. But after three years of attending Northeast Middle School, I have finally realized that going to Capital Prep would offer the better social and educational experience rather than the one at a public school.
There are a few benefits that I have observed and that’s the prep schools are like your normal public schools except the fact that the prep schools willingly provide an environment more suitable for students…

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